Before establishing Breakers Surf School in St.Agnes in 2006, Tom worked for a number of surf schools getting a variety of experiences some methods that inspired and some that did not! Observing surf schools that worked as part of the community with an almost altruistic motivation, to those that simply came to the beach for a few busy months with a big advertising budget and worked the beach like a factory production line.

Having grown up surfing in St.Agnes, the local area and the sea are one of the most precious things to us as surfers. Having travelled the world surfing witnessing the sport depleting and enriching communities, and studying such topics at university Tom has a deep understanding of how to and how not to operate in this industry.

The beach is a shared natural resource and for a surf school to be sustainable it can only work if it recognises that and puts a bit back into the beach community. We run freebies and cost price surf lessons for local children and often use up a little of our spare time between lessons doing a quick beach clean.

Surfing can be a life long voyage or a one off fun experience, we realise that not everyone can quit their day job and move to the beach, and no two bodies are exactly the same. The lessons we deliver are tailored to you, in that we mean to what you want to get from the session, and around your bodies strengths and weaknesses. If you have any specific needs not compatible with a group experience we can offer private lessons.

If you want to take up surfing as a main past time then it is worth falling a little more in the first few surfs not get into bad habits and short cuts can end up hindering your future progress. However if you are only going to surf once or have physical limitations and just want to experience the fun of standing on a surfboard, then we can make those short cuts work for you!

So Breakers Surf School will always aim to operate respecting the individuality of you, the local community and environment.

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