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Surfing Course of Five lessons

This surfing course is the most popular way to learn how to surf. In the first lessons you learn to surf the broken waves consistently and efficiently getting up to your feet and turning the surfboard, you learn a whole new set of skills required for surfing in the area out past the breaking waves known as “outback”.  Experiencing faster, smoother and more powerful waves outback is very likely to get you fully hooked. We also cover surf fitness and go through some training programs to suit you when are near or away from the surf.

Surf Lessons In your Own Time

The five surf lessons can be spread out over a longer periods of time if that suits you better, so you can either practice or rest between you surfs. Or if time is of the essence you can have them on consecutive days.

Adding to the course by hiring equipments between your surf lessons helps you get more from your lessons, you can book this by adding another product before you checkout.

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