Our Environmental Duty


One of the attractions of surfing in Cornwall is its connection with nature, from observing fish and mammals, to following weather patterns and their impacts on the ocean and our life.  Breakers Surf School benefits from a stunning natural environment in Cornwall, so it only makes sense that we have a strong commitment towards caring for it on a global and local level.  

Taking part in organised beach cleans is one simple way we can help.  Marine litter is a huge environmental concern, and although we are fortunate enough at St.Agnes not to suffer as much as more Westerly facing beaches we still feel a duty to help when possible.

We also support the international activists Greenpeace, local Charity Surfers Against Sewage and are grateful to the work they do in protecting the environment we work and play in.


Our Suppliers

We choose Gul and Tiki Wetsuits for our surf lessons, not only due to their high quality products but also due to our shared commitment to the natural environment. By using limestone based polymer with 99.7% calcium carbonate the environmental impact of the wetsuit is reduced dramatically.   We always go to the trouble to repair wetsuits and take care to get the most life out of them as possible.

Unfortunately petrochemicals are used in all learner surfboards we have been able to source, but to reduce this impact we invest in Swell Surfboards who make an effort to reduce the amount they use in construction and the surf boards can be re-constructed time and time again to make them good as new.  We feel the extra cost of this to us is not as great as the extra cost to the environment of alternative options and this is an outlook we take on all equipment used.

We pay a little extra for all our printing to be done by a local printers who also share our commitment to reducing environmental impact by using plant based inks and 100% recycled paper and constantly strive to minimize their environmental impact in all areas, from production to materials used.


As part of the surf lesson we include how to be a more environmentally responsible surfer, with care of equipment and the immediate environment.  Helping you reduce your impact on the environment whilst enjoying this exhilarating sport in a stunning surrounding.  

So buy choosing to surf with Breakers surf school you are choosing to surf in a way that helps protect what you came to enjoy.

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