Preventative Measures due to Covid-19

We believe that in this difficult time, physical exercise and a release from daily stresses is more important than ever. We are therefore happy to be able to run surf lessons this year in line with current government advice around the Covid-19 virus.

Covid-19 Surf Lesson Risk Asessment

Below are the additional assessed risks due to the Covid 19 virus.  In taking part in the lesson customers are agreeing they are happy with the measures taken and the the risk has been sufficiently reduced. 

Remedial action around the risk is for the customer to take in person.  This might involve such measures as getting tested for the virus and a period of isolation, as they would feel necessary in any situation involving a heightened risk of contamination.

Customers who answer yes to any of the following are not allowed to join in with any surf school activities.

Are you currently suffering from any sypmtoms of COVID-19?

Have you been in contact with anyone suffering from COVID-19 symptoms?

Have you been in contact with anyone testing positive to COVID-19?

Are you currently testing positive to the COVID-19 virus?


HazardRiskLikelihoodControl MeasuresRemedial Action



Particles from infected customers are inhaled by other customer and thus passing on the virusUnlikely

Customers are required to stay more than 2m apart.


Customers discretion
Being in close proximity to each other during rescue or emergency situationContamination between customer and instructor Very unlikely

Instructor has a face mask and eye wear within reach at all times.

Group sizes are smaller reducing the chance of customer getting into difficulties before the instructor realises.

Lessons only take place when the currents are mild.

Adapted rescue technique applied where possible

Customers discretion
Re-using surfing equipmentCOVID-19 virus, particles could be left on the surfboard, leaving a risk to subsequent users of the equipment Very Unlikey

All shared equipment is cleaned with disinfectant between lessons and customers do not swap equipment during the lesson.

Customers and instructors apply hand sanitiser at the begging and end of each lesson

Customers discretion

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