Single Surf Lesson

Started on January 24, 2021

1.Introduction and Warm Up

In the first part of your surf lesson you will learn about the equipment and essential information about how to stay safe in the surf. We then run through a surfing specific warm up stretching out key muscle groups to help you get the most out of your body for the surf. The warm up helps to reduce the risk of sprains, and help your muscles recover quicker, ready for your next surf

2.Prone Surfing

Getting out through the surf and managing you surfboard in the water, positioning on your surfboard and basic control and whilst lying are all covered in the second part of your surf lesson. You will also learn about which waves to go for and which ones are best to avoid, which can often make or break a surfing experience.

3.Getting to your feet.

We go through a couple of methods of getting to your feet once you have got the hang of prone surfing. You find out which one suits you best on the beach then get the hang of it on the waves.


A single surf lesson can also be tailored to suit your ability, the professional instructors will differentiate the class to suit you. However if you progress fast you might want to consider the private lessons we offer. A lot of people find it valuable to have a private lesson after a few group sessions.

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