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These are our favourite classes for many reasons. Firstly its all about making surf lessons accessible, due to the timings and group sizes we are able to offer surf lessons to children who might not otherwise be able to afford them and schools often find it a great use for pupil premiums. Secondly the skills students learn during their class may well change their lives for the better by introducing them to such an amazing sport that nourishes the body and mind. After the students time with us we often get to see them surfing around local beaches as they go on to develop their skills either with or without us

So whether you are a teacher student or parent check out this page to see what we have to offer as we would love to help enrich the curriculum at your school.

Learning Outside the Classroom

School Term £45

Five 90 minute surf lessons spread over the term, students have free use of all our hire equipment in between the lessons helping their progress immeasurably.  

Having one session a fortnight means we can always have our lessons at the best state of tide and students get a chance to practice what they have learned between surfs. We can even arrange for school based surfing related training and theory as an additional package.

Full Day £25

This is a full day activity involving two surf lessons, one before lunch and another after. Each lesson is two hours long and  tailored to the ability of the students.

All our instructors have a D.B.S certificate and we are listed on Cornwall Council activity providers, so that’s one less risk assessment for you to have to write!

The surf lessons can be arranged as an activity during the school day or as an after school club. For students struggling to engage at school it can be a great way to gradually get used to supervisor lead activities. This is in part due to the level of autonomy for the students can vary hugely to best suit their needs but along with that are boundaries that must be stuck to due to clear safety reasons. Letting students take or leave surfing advice as they please but ultimately finding their own preference.

So if you want us to help enrich your school curriculum get in touch on 07725842196 or email us at breakerssurflessons@gmail.com

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